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Thursdays with Brandon Heath: What is your heart? (Part 3 in a series)

By   /   November 11, 2011  /   1 Comment

NASHVILLE (WordNews.org) Nov. 11, 2011 – Despite the name of his latest album – “Leaving Eden” –Christian recording artist Brandon Heath has been recent days in Eden.
The singer/songwriter says the question “What is your Eden” came from his counselor, Al Andrews, last spring.
Now, every concert, he poses these questions to those in attendance:
“No. 1 is: What is your Eden? When was a time in your life or where was a time when you felt the most innocent or before you knew that anything was wrong in the world. Maybe when you were younger.”
For Heath, it’s the backyard of his grandparents’ house in Waverly, Tenn.
“It was perfection to me. There was a pristine creek that ran through it where I learned to fish and a big wooded hill up the back where I would watch my granddad hunt,” Heath writes on his website.

Heath told WordNews.org his second question is: “What is your apple? What is the thing that takes you away from that place, that makes you forget about it?”
And the third question is “What is your heart.”
“And I feel that is the question God is asking me a lot,” Heath told WordNews.org. “Because I know what my Eden is and I know what my apple is but I’m still trying to figure out what is my heart and what is keeping me from going after that.”

More from Brandon:
” His name was Paul Petty, I called him Papa.  He was a small town barber and a respected elder in his church.  He fought in a few wars and battled a longer war with diabetes.  He was witty, and strong, and handsome.  My grandmother Maude, I called her Ducky, worked hard in her garden of tomatoes, okra, corn and squash.  She had soft hands for a gardener.  She hated to cook, but she was really good at it.  I still put honey on my toast because of her.
My mom and dad divorced when I was young, but I don’t have very many memories of it because much of that time, my mom sent me to Waverly.  I was protected and loved and innocent.  Obviously I would learn the heartbreaking reality of what divorce feels like later, but that summer, I still had my innocence.  I loved my grandparents and they lived a long full life together.  They are both gone now and the house was sold.  I romanticize about buying that house so I can get that backyard back.  I took Al there this past summer.  He saw my Eden, and it was perfect.  What’s your Eden?

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1 Comment

  1. Crissy says:

    I love reading these articles baecuse they’re short but informative.

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