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Wednesdays with Britt Nicole: ‘Let’s hang out with God for a little bit’ (Part 6 of 6)

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NASHVILLE (WordNews.org) Nov. 30, 2011 — “There’s some cool opportunities that are coming up,” Christian music artist Britt Nicole blurts out.
Then, she adds cautiously, “Something I don’t know if I can share yet.”
A hint?
“There’s other people they’re putting together.”
Britt is currently touring with Brandon Heath’s “Leaving Eden” tour. She talks about what she would like to do one day.
“There’s a lot. So many things I would love to do,” she says. “Ultimately, I want to reach people.”
She talk about the frustration she gets sometimes in the midst of completing a performance.
“A lot of times on tour we have this hour-long or two hour-long show and people are almost at the breaking point where God is about to do something in their life,” Britt says, “and you’re like, ‘Ok, good night, see you next year.’ It’s like, ‘Wait!’ God was moving and they were about to have a break through in their life.’ I see that a lot. For me that kind of breaks my heart.”
She knows what she would like to do at those moments.
“I feel like as brothers and sisters, I want to walk off the stage and I want to grab that young girl or that mom or even that teen guy, whoever it is that is struggling and put my arms around them and pray with them an say, ‘How can I pray for you? I want you to leave different than the way you came. I don’t want you to walk in this church one way and go out carrying the same burden you came in with. Let’s team together and see something happen in your life.’”
She knows what she want to do because she’s experience it on the other end.
“I’ve been really blessed to be in churches and at youth events where people have done that for me,” Britt says. “And I know if people hadn’t done that for me I would not be where I am today. God has called us to come together, ‘Where two or more are gathered, there I am also.’ There’s more power in two or three people than there is in one person.”
So, what does this mean in terms of her future?
“I want to have some type of event or conference where I can really have time with the people who come to the shows. Where it’s not, ‘Hey, thanks for coming out. We sang 10 really fun pop songs and now you’re leaving.’ I want to have some worship time and prayer time. I’m really just dreaming. We’re actually talking, me and my team, about how to do that and really create an event and opt for God’s presence to come. And where not in a hurry, not in a rush.”
Britt knows there’s a market for this concept.
“People long for that. Everything that people need they can find in the presence of God. If they’re struggling with fear, God can help them with that. If they need encouragement, we need to create a place where it’s like, ‘Here, come into the presence of God. Let Him meet you. Let Him change your life. And not just get you in and get you out.”
Britt has a pulse on her concert-goers and describes the relationship in intimate terms.
“It’s like when you’re with a friend. When you go and hang out with a friend, if you go out to lunch, the first 30 minutes you’re just catching up. If you go after that 30 minutes and said, ‘Great to see you,’ it doesn’t really go that deep. If you wait and you just sit and you begin to talk, you begin to share your heart and it goes to a deeper level. And we have to be willing to go… we’re not in a hurry. Let’s hang out with God for a little bit.”


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