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A conversation with Josh McDowell: Defending the faith: Pastors need to do a better job (Part 3)

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joshmcdowellPLANO, Texas (WordNews.org) July 3, 2013  — Josh McDowell says believers in Jesus Christ should stand out in today’s culture.
But McDowell said instead, this has become “one of our biggest problems.”

“As a church, probably our biggest impact will be how believers live their lives out and stand out different from those around them,” said McDowell, author of  “More than a Carpenter” and “Evidence that Demands a Verdict,” and head of Josh McDowell Ministry. “But is that happening? I don’t think it is for a majority of the church. When I say ‘church’ I mean the church as a whole. You and I are part of the church.”

He said Christians need to live out their faith, to be distinctive. This counter-culture living will provide a contrast to what is impacting society today.

“Everyone’s opinion is equal,” he said. “It’s not just that—it’s the access they [unbelievers] have. … Now you have people on there [the Internet] that are outspoken, intelligent atheists, agnostics, skeptics who have influenced young people and now have access to our young people. Yes, we have access to them, which is wonderful. But now they have access to us.”

To have a significant impact on this culture, the church needs to get back to basics.

“The entire church must turn back to apologetics,” he said, providing an intelligent defense for the faith. “No longer can any pastor preach take for granted his people out there … believe the Bible is the authoritative word of God.  You can’t do that anymore. You’ve got to be able to defend it. When you talk about Jesus, the resurrection, you just can’t take for granted that the people out there listening to you, whether in your church, on the Internet, are totally agreeing with you about the authority of it. They aren’t.”

The Conversation with Josh McDowell continues tomorrow.

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