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Personhood Alliance appoints new leader to launch national education initiative

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ALPHARETTA, Ga. (WordNews.org) Jan. 27, 2018 – The governing board of Personhood Alliance has ratified the election of Sarah Quale as president of its 501c(3) educational arm, National Personhood Alliance Educational Trust Fund (NPAE).

Personhood Alliance is a international association of Christian faith-based groups who desire to promote the sanctity of life and the defense of human dignity.

“I am very excited about Sarah’s election as president of NPAE because it advances our efforts as a movement to effectively communicate essential truth in our changing culture,” said Daniel Becker, president of the parent organization, Personhood Alliance. “Sarah’s concurrent leadership of Educe,* a non-profit education organization, uniquely equips her to help us affect our mission of defending the sanctity of all human life and human dignity in a 21st-century context.”

Educe is a nonprofit education organization whose online curriculum helps people discover the historical, philosophical and biblical foundation that is necessary in compassionately engaging the culture and defending human life, from its earliest biological beginning to its natural end.

“Pro-lifers are compassionate, practical people who recognize that all human life is valuable and deserving of protection,” Quale said. “We’re also creative, justice-seeking people motivated by love; each of us doing our part in something much bigger than us. But as we look to the future, we realize that, to be effective in our diverse efforts, we need to better understand this culture we’re speaking into and realign ourselves with the foundational principles of our movement.”

In addition, Quale announced, “NPAE is positioned to play an active role in empowering the grassroots with knowledge, calling the Church forward, and shaping the national conversation on human rights and human dignity. To achieve these goals, we are building a new educational initiative that leverages the strengths of over 25 organizations throughout the country to prepare the Christian pro-life movement to stand on solid ground as we face both current and future challenges.”

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