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Word News is looking for journalists

Word News is seeking Christian reporters looking to utilize and enhance their reporting and writing skills and build their clip file. Entry level journalists and college-age students encouraged to apply as well as retired journalists or those between jobs.

The purpose of Word News is to improve the coverage of Christian ministries and provide news of interest to Christians. Reporters will work with editors on story ideas and plan projects to be featured on Word News’ main site, http://wordnews.org. Reporters will also have opportunities to build their  “brand” by writing first-person accounts of their interviews or commenting on the day’s news on Word News’ blog, http://www.wordnewsnow.blogspot.com and be featured on Word News other media channels, including Internet radio and YouTube or Vimeo.

There is no monetary compensation. However, reporters will receive bylines for their clip files and potentially a reference letter as you move on to your next journalistic endeavor.  Word News owns the publication rights of your stories.

The ideal candidate will be a Christian who is passionate about God and is …

A journalism student at college (exceptional high school students will be considered)

An out of work reporter/editor interested in keeping their resume current while seeking paying job

A retired journalist who wants to keep his/her hand in the game

A blogger who is willing to learn how to write journalistically

A person with an interest in becoming a journalist

Your first step is to look at Word News and see the types of stories we’re looking for. These stories are just the tip of the iceberg of what Word News has in store. Next, look at Word News’ Statement of Faith. If you’re in agreement and still interested, drop a note to info@wordnews.org with the subject line JOURNALIST.


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